Strange Passage Archetype

I found another great cigar shop in my travels. Stag Tobacconist in Colorado Springs may have the best walk-in humidor I’ve ever walked into, and the staff are extremely nice, knowledgeable, and ready to help. Bernie told me that he had a favourite cigar, and I decided to try it out.

The Strange Passage Archetype looks and smells great, so I pulled it out of its cellophane, punched it with a wide Xikar cutter, and lit it with a wooden match. It tasted great off the first draw, and I was looking forward to the unique flavours that Bernie was bragging about. It did require a quick touch-up after a couple of minutes, but aside from that the burn was great, and the draw was perfect. It is a full body cigar with great flavours. The first third is strong notes of wood and a hint of coffee. I am also getting a slight hint of an icy mint. Bernie told me there is something he can’t put his finger on, and I am looking forward to the next third, wondering if my palate can help him out.

Veronica is the owner, and she is as sweet as can be. Her dog Coco is in the store whenever she is, and she (Coco) is friendly and calm and loves people and their cigars… although she seemed a bit sceptical of my crutch. Once I put it down she came over and was very loving… she even gave me her chair (when she was done with it).

The second half of the Archetype is a lot fruitier, and a bit of a very light spicy flavour. The smoke is full and the ash is very light, and while I have had to fix it a couple of times, it has not gone out, and it has been burning very nicely.

I was here earlier in the day on my lunch break, and the CAO Anaconda that I smoked was also spectacular, and it was a shame that I had to leave early. Sitting smoking my cigars I had a great conversation with some retired Air Force operators who share a lot of my passions, and I was absolutely thrilled that I found this store. When I came back after work I sat with Veronica, Coco, and a gentleman named Nick. We had a very interesting chat about religion and History, and it was a blast. When Nick left Robert joined me smoking his pipe, and we talked about his training at the Air Force Academy. He is a younger guy who is still in the service, and we had a great chat.

One of the reasons I love finding cigar stores and lounges when I travel is exactly for that reason – I meet a lot of great people of all ages and we have great conversations. I may or may not see these guys again, and it doesn’t matter. They are nice guys and it is so much nicer to smoke with friends – long term or one day – than just smoking alone. I hope to be back in Colorado Springs one day soon, and if I am I know where I will be coming after work.

The final third of the Archetype is still enjoyable, and while the flavour profile has changed, it is still a full body cigar that definitely gets a big thumbs up. For $13.95 it is was a good value; I would not call it a budget stick, but it is worth every penny. It lasted about an hour and a half, and it was ninety minutes well spent. I haven’t seen this brand in a Canada, so I will probably pick up a few to bring home.

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