Johnny Tobacconaut… to the moon!

I picked this cigar up in a blind sample from Neptune Cigars recently, and I did not have a lot of hope for it. I am always wary of cigars that have that full-length sheath, and the tissue wrapper, and I am not usually a huge fan of perfectos. It sat in my travel humidor (yes, the Nuclear Football) for several weeks until this afternoon. I was stranded in the GTA for two days longer than I had planned, and he cupboard was bare. This is what was left, so I pulled it out.

Like most perfectos, it lit very easily. I opted for a wide v-cut, and it lit with a single match. Although the cigar is listed as Honduran, the wrapper, binder, and filler are all from Nicaragua, which is clear from the taste. It is a full-bodied strong cigar, 8″ long and growing from a 44 gauge end to a 58 gauge tip. Looking at the price per cigar ($12.60 US) it is a bit pricey for a Honduran, but that is explained by the fact that it is from the Davidoff Group… good cigars 5at are always pricier than they should be.

The original plan was for this to be my second stick on the golf course today, but I was rained out after 6 holes, so the venue changed to my buddy’s balcony after dinner… likely a fortuitous move, because the full-strength cigar may have been a bit much for a golf stick on an empty stomach. Instead it became an after dinner cigar with a strong coffee, and it is perfect.

I should mention that while it is definitely strong, it is also very smooth. While it is a bit peppery on the top of the tongue, the retrohale is extremely smooth and creamy. Perfect for an after-steak cigar.

The Room 101 Johnny Tobacconaut Chingonova is not a disappointment at all, not only because I was not expecting much, but because it is simply an enjoyable cigar. It has changed in the second third to have strong hints of peppery leather, but the smooth creaminess is still there.

I am reading online that this was a limited production cigar, but I would not be disappointed if that has changed. I will be happy to pick up a few the next time I am in the US… but guys, you can lose the layers of paper and tissue and still have a great cigar!

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