It was a Dark and Stormy Sampler…

As I was running out of the house this morning I realized I had no cigars in the car, and I reached into my coolidor and grabbed what was easiest.

A few weeks ago I ordered a bunch of sampler packs from Neptune Cigars, and I figured today would be a good day to grab one… one for my lunch break, and three for the golf course later on!

The CAO Dark and Stormy Special Edition 4-Pack was very reasonably priced. It includes:

  • CAO MX2
  • CAO Brazilia
  • CAO LX2
  • CAO OSA Sol

Although I am quite familiar with two of these sticks, the LX2 and OSA Sol are new to me.

I opted for the familiar MX2 for lunch, and was not disappointed. The wrapper and binder are Madura leaf, and the cigar is a complex blend of flavours, owing to the mixture of leaf from six countries. It burns razor sharp, and is delicious!

I love samplers because you can try new cigars without much risk, and this one does not look like it will disappoint.

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