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Faux-hibas: Why we don’t buy on the beach

The cigar that a friend was given is clearly not an authentic Cohiba… but here’s the thing: So many people think that the cigars people buy on the beach are the same as the real deal, but they were either stolen or otherwise obtained from legitimate sources.

Aside from a little foot damage, the label on this faux-hiba is clearly wrong. We decided to cut it open and see what we would find. A Habanos cigar is made from long-leaf tobacco filler. When we opened this one up, this is what poured out:

The longest filler in this ‘cigar’ is not even an inch long… if you have watched the video on this site of Alejandro rolling a cigar, you will know that this has nothing in common with a real cigar. Add to that, it does not even smell like tobacco.

The bottom line: if you cannot identify what you are smoking, then don’t smoke it!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled positive programming.

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