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Kashani Cigars: Bold and Smooth

Kashani_2I was recently introduced to a new cigar line that I was interested in trying, partly because the owners are Israeli. Refael Kashani Cigars is actually based in the two countries I am a citizen of – Canada and Israel. According to Refael, they control the entire process, from selecting the plots of land for their tobacco, right through the distribution.

The particular cigar that I started with was rolled with dark oscuro Dominican tobacco, grown from Cuban seed. the tobacco is aged eight years, and the cigars are then aged another two years.

My first impressions:

  • It has a very solid construction. I did not feel like it was going to cry when I gripped it.
  • It had a perfect humidity level. It was shipped with a Boveda pack so there was no cracklings as I punched it.
  • KeshaniI liked the size, but it was of good girth and length. I don’t have my tools but I would say it’s about a 7×56, which means I need a good chunk of time to smoke it.
  • I like the closed foot, which is usually harder to light, but this one lit perfectly without having to fight it, and is burning straight.
  • From the first puffs it was obviously a Dominican cigar, but possibly not a Puro… I would guess there is some Nicaraguan tobacco and maybe Cameroon.
  • It is not a loose draw that I find in a lot of larger gauge cigars, but at the same time it was not plugged… you are using your jaw but not fighting it.
  • I liked the tastes of citrus. It was a little peppery and very smooth.

Refael Rafizada Kashani has a hit on his hands! This is the first ‘Israeli’ cigar I have smoked, and it is not what one would expect if one has ever smoked an Israeli cigarette, which usually have all the subtlety of a Super Merkavah tank. This is a cigar with personality. It leaves just a hint of pepper on the sides of my tongue, but a coolness on the draw that you would expect from mint.

It is definitely a cigar to try and enjoy… make sure you have time for it because you won’t want to leave it half-smoked!

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