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Xikar Turrim Single: Another winner!

I have had several cigar torches over the years; a couple of years ago I realized that Xikar made some of the better ones… and backed it up with a lifetime warranty. It is not that I keep my eye open for new toys, but when I see a good deal I am happy to grab it… especially when it is for something new and exciting.

A few of my friends have the Xikar 5×64 Turrim, which looks like a weapon of some sort; it measures 5″ in length with a 1″ diameter… it is gorgeous and ergonomic with a unique design reminiscent of a large gauge cigar, and its double flame does not burn through the butane as fast as it might with a smaller fuel tank. I have often considered picking one of these up, but it is simply too big to carry in my pocket (unless I were to invest in a belt sheath for it), and the one place I go where a tabletop torch is convenient, I already have the Alec Bradley Burner.

I was perusing an on-line bidding site last week, and I came across a new model that I was previously unfamiliar with… the Xikar Turrim Single™. I saw that bidding was low on it, and I threw one up… assuming as usually happens I would have it sniped out from under me. Three days later I won the auction for a steal… about half the price of the posted retail price at

At 4.5″ by 50 gauge it is slightly shorter than a petit robusto cigar, and the same ring gauge. in other words, unlike its much larger big brother, it will not only fit reasonably comfortable in a pocket, it will also fit perfectly in any cigar carrying case (although at the expense of space for one cigar). It is also a single flame torch, so it has a much more targeted light; the smaller reservoir will obviously have to be filled more frequently than the massive gas tank of the big boy… but it consumes much less, so that probably balances it out somewhat.

The new red Xikar Turrim Single is a great addition to my collection.

Most of the torches I have are great, but some of them are harder to adjust the flame… they might have a small dial at the bottom, if not just a screw. The Turrim Single, like it’s larger brother, has a dial covering the entire bottom diameter. Adjusting the flame is simple and accurate.

The first cigar that I lit with it was a Saint Luis Rey Regios, and despite the slightly windy morning it both toasted and lit without any problems. Unlike some of the multi-flame torches I have, the result was much cleaner, with no side-burning near the foot.

The one recommendation I would have, should they ever release a Turrim III, would be to include a cigar punch at the bottom. I don’t know about the logistics of it, but it feels like they might have missed a great opportunity there.

Overall I give this torch a big thumbs-up; At $49.99 (MSRP) it is worth a buy, especially with the lifetime warranty. While I will have it in my pocket for the time being, in truth it might only be while I wait for my Ellipse III to go out to Xikar for warranty service and come back. I don’t know… I always vacillate between wanting the single-flame and the multi-flame.

Oh one more thing… make sure you register your Xikar lighter on-line, because not only will that activate your warranty, they will also send you (for many of the models) a leather holder for it. Not quite the belt-sheath, but still a nice touch.

Watch my unboxing video here and see the Turrim Single in action!

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